The IHHC E-news is a snapshot of updates, industry news and other information relevant to IHHC Members. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to the E-news, please send items to the National Editor editor@ihhc.org.au. E-news is member benefit and distributed nationally. Previous copies of E-News may be accessed by clicking here (Members only).


2021 IHHC E-news will be distributed on, or close to, the following dates:


Issue Publication Date Article Due Date
February 1 February 25 January
April 1 April 20 March
May 1 May 20 April
July 1 July 20 June
August 1 August 20 July
October 1 October 20 September
November 1 November 20 October
December (Christmas greeting only) 14 December 9 December