Rating User Guide

Follow the Easy 3 Step Guide Below

Step 1: Select the type of food product you are interested in buying

The Packaging Accessibility Rating Database is broken into different portion control food categories. For example desserts, fruit cups, condiments, etc. To compare Packaging Accessibility Ratings for multiple products in that food category, click the relevant food category button. (To view the full Packaging Accessibility Database please click here)

Step 2: Compare the impact on patients/consumers ability to open and consume each product

The Packaging Accessibility Rating Database allows you to quickly compare Packaging Accessibility Ratings for each product. It contains multiple product details to easily identify who makes a product, including company name, brand name, product name as well as a photo of the product.

Using the Packaging Accessibility Rating’s column you can ascertain how each product will impact patients/consumers ability to open the packaging and therefore how likely they are going to be able to consume the product without assistance.

Step 3: Contact the supplier and/or distributor regarding pricing and availability

If you wish to purchase or find out more about a product in the Database, there are multiple ways to identify the suppliers. You can use the product name or product image provided to help select the correct product when speaking with your distributor or supplier. You can also quote the Product Ordering Codes, for example the Manufacturer ID or GTIN when speaking to a distributor or brand owner.