IHHC Supporting Local Industry

Packaging Accessibility Ratings Help Australian Companies and Farmers

The Packaging Accessibility Ratings are used to select one product over the other on a comparative basis. Industry strongly supports a single national and independent standard that recognises and rewards innovation, versus price based competition.

One of the biggest benefits of using the Ratings is that your decision will fund innovation and investment in easier to open packaging, which not only helps patients but also Australian companies and farmers. Investment in new easy open packaging is critical for closing the gap between patient needs and existing food packaging.

Why Switch to a Product With a Higher Rating?

When IHHC members switch to a product with a higher Rating, it:

  • Recognises & rewards companies which supply a product that better meets patient needs.
  • Provides incentive to redesign: This may include an incentive/business case for a new or existing company to invest in redesigning their packaging to make it easier to open. Two thirds of food products supplied to NSW hospitals have been replaced or redesigned because of this incentive.
  • In most cases it is small to medium Australian companies, not multi-nationals, that are the biggest winners. This is because Australian companies have greater flexibility to redesign their packaging. Australian companies are also more likely to use food grown by Australian farmers, versus imported food from unknown sources. Using the Ratings brings us closer to all products becoming easy to open for everyone and helps create jobs for industry and farming in Australia.