HealthShare NSW Benefit

IHHC Partnership with HealthShare NSW and Arthritis Australia Leads to an Australian First

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The Packaging Accessibility Rating provides a single national standard for determining the ease of opening and safety of comparable food products. Using Packaging Accessibility Ratings allows IHHC members to make an informed decision on what products are easy or hard to open and helps remove a major barrier to nutrition.

It is only through IHHC membership that the Packaging Accessibility Ratings will be available to public and private hospitals and aged care facilities nationally for the first time.

The Packaging Accessibility Rating Database is broken into different portion control food categories. For example desserts, fruit cups, condiments, etc. To compare Packaging Accessibility Ratings for multiple products in that food category, click the relevant food category button.

To View the Packaging Accessibility Database  click here (Please note the database can only be accessed by IHHC members who have been designated a username and login).

If you are interested in joining the IHHC please contact the IHHC National Secretariat on ph: 03 9895 4450 or use this form to contact us.