Closing the Gap for Patients

It is only through IHHC membership that the Packaging Accessibility Ratings will be available to public and private hospitals and aged care facilities nationally for the first time.

Individual IHHC members may have limited purchasing power, but collectively IHHC members purchase more food in healthcare than any organisation or state government in Australia.

IHHC members have been granted unique access but also a unique opportunity. Using the Ratings in the selection process for food, is a critical first step. The more IHHC members that use the Ratings as a key selection criterion during food purchasing, the more products will be redesigned to help meet patient needs.

For suppliers to public hospitals in Victoria via Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) or in NSW through HealthShare NSW, supplying a Packaging Accessibility Rating is mandatory. Tasmanian hospitals have also included the Rating in tenders, as a request versus a mandatory requirement. Despite significant progress, the majority of people in healthcare struggle daily with food packaging and there are still many products without Ratings who need to make improvements.

Closing the gap on products which do not yet have a Rating can only be accomplished by more organisations including accessibility in their tender as NSW, Victorian and Tasmanian public hospitals have done. Samples of tenders which include accessibility are available upon request.