Membership Benefits

The IHHC is the leading professional association for supervisors working in the Health and Aged Care Industry.  Providing a range of services and member benefits, including an active professional development program run throughout Australia, IHHC membership is a  must for those striving for excellence in the Industry.  
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Member benefits include:

Individual Membership

  • Access to various publications including e-news, national magazine and Industry updates
  • Invitations to social, networking and trade events
  • Discounted member rates to seminars and national conference
  • Membership certificate and certificate of attendance for professional development events
  • Complimentary advertisements on the IHHC job listing page
  • Access to Industry partners initiatives
  • Discounted rate for the IHHC Food Safety Program Guide
  • Ability to nominate for Industry Excellence Awards (Qld only) and Rosemary Anne Pirie Memorial Award for Training and Quality Assurance, (national)

Corporate Membership (in addition to the above)

  • One invoice per organisation on an annual basis for renewal of membership
  • Additional staff of said organisation will be eligible to attend events at the member’s rate
  • IHHC financial members from said organisation can invite fellow work colleagues to free IHHC events, (the maximum number of invites shall be no more than the financial members registered, i.e. one addition person per financial member)
  • Should a member be unable to attend a paid event, another staff member of the said organisation may be nominated and attend in their place
  • Publications i.e. E-News, national newsletters, event and IHHC invitations shall be sent to the organisation's IHHC members and a nominated administration officer from the said organisation
  • The member organisation may place articles appropriate to support services and advertise approved materials in IHHC publications
  • A corporate member can send one additional person on a complimentary basis to a IHHC State seminar or event in the scenario that at least 3 financial members of the said organisation have paid to attend the same seminar
  • Terms and conditions
  • Each member of an organisation will be required to complete an individual IHHC membership application and be approved though the IHHC membership application process
  • All applications for membership of the IHHC need to meet the criteria of membership as set out in the Articles of Association
  • When one financial IHHC member leaves the organisation and their replacement takes up their role, the said organisation will not be charged for the remaining period of the resigning member’s membership


Annual National Conference and Trade Exhibition

The Annual National Conference is the premier event on the IHHC calendar.  Offering a comprehensive program, complimented by a strong line-up of speakers and an extensive trade exhibition, the conference provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to be involved in an event totally focused on issues relating to the effective running of all Health and Aged Care Support Service Departments.

Seminars and Other Networking Events

Throughout the year each state holds a variety of events including breakfasts, site visits and seminars.  These events are a great networking opportunity, offering members the chance to discuss Industry specific issues with their peers.


Member Publications

One of the main purposes of the IHHC’s is to keep members informed of the latest news, issues and developments that affect the provision of support services in the Health and Aged Care Industry.  In keeping with this purpose members receive the following publications throughout the year:


The IHHC E-news is a snapshot of updates, Industry news and other information relevant to IHHC members and is distributed nationally on a monthly basis.  If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to the E-news, please contact the National Secretariat.  Previous copies of E-News may be accessed via the Members Area. For further information, please contact us .

IHHC Food Safety Program Guide

The guide, developed by the IHHC includes useful tools, templates and sample policies and procedures to enable you to develop your own customised Food Safety Program. IHHC members receive a 'member' discount when purchasing the guide. To order, please contact us .

IHHC National Newsletter

Published quarterly the National Newsletter, distributed to over 600 members and supporters, features messages from IHHC Board members, Industry feature articles and information on upcoming events. Previous editions of the National Newsletter can be accessed via the Members Area .

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